Last night I went to E & SB’s for dinner and then to the movies to see The Queen (which I highly recommend for the acting, for the direction, for the costumes, for the seamless archival video integration, the list goes on and on). Dinner was great – fennel pork loin and mashed parsnips and a wilted spinach/goat cheese salad – and the company was delightful.

Back when I was working as a character, my favorite guests were the ones that seemed just as excited to see us as they were to ride the roller coasters. These kids would seriously act like they were meeting their heroes, oftentimes whispering secrets or “I love you’s” into our giant ears. But the BEST were the ones that brought gifts for us, such as drawings and food. Bugs would get carrots, of course. Daffy got sardines and goldfish crackers. Sylvester got cans of tuna and cat-food. One afternoon, Sly was getting hugs from a little kid who was having a hard time moving on, so after his parents urged him once again to let someone else have a turn, the kid started petting Sly’s face (like you would a real cat) and whispering the something like the following:

“Sylvester, if you want you can come home with me and I will love you, and pet you, and play with you, and scratch your tummy, and brush you and you can eat ROAST PORK!”

Sadly, the allure of what was obviously a Very Special Dinner in that kid’s household was not enough to lure Sly away from his home at the park. But it was enough to send him into convulsive giggles.