Another Sunday afternoon creeping slowly toward the dark, letting me know that another harried, busy week is about to start. My schedule this semester is already taking its mental toll, and I find myself dreading Mondays in a way I haven’t in years. On the up side, this makes the weekends a fun exercise in getting lots of nothing done. At this I am an expert. This weekend I manged to include catching a few guilty pleasure movies (Running Scared being the ultimate for me), talking to Toffamy in China for 4 (FOUR!) hours, and eating an entire hollow chocolate toad in between the house cleaning and studying.

The studying is interesting at least. My Language Development text told me that one of the reasons humans can speak and other mammals cannot is that the human larynx is much lower in the throat. Though the authors didn’t explain WHY this makes language possible, they did say that this is the reason humans often choke on their food while other mammals do not. Huh. I never really thought about it, but it is true that I’ve never seen a raccoon or elephant choking in the wild. Nor my dog or cats at home…though I guess it could be that non-human mammals just have better manners and can manage to not try to talk with their mouths full. The text also said that because of their relatively high larynxes, other mammals can shut off part of their esophagus and do things like drink water and breathe at the same time.

I think this is just showing off and that it smacks of crappy ventriloquism. You know — if they could talk. Which they can’t.

[edited to include the correct Running Scared link. Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal in short shorts and roller skates is WAY more my speed than whatever weird Paul Walker vehicle I linked to the first time. ]