Remember how exciting the snow days were? Now comes the inevitable hangover. The snow plows have finally come through town so the streets are relatively clear but at a dear price, I’m afraid. Little Red Car got the brunt of the plow-wake, the effects of which could not be undone even after I sacrificed my arms and back to the Shoveling Gods. That car isn’t going anywhere, at least not until the temps rise above the current 2 degrees (Feels like -11! Thanks cheerful weather robot.) Sidewalks are hit or miss – I had to walk to campus down the middle of a four lane street today because the drifts on the sidewalks were over my head, but lots of the neighborhood walks are clean.

The campus area walks are actually fun because they have mostly been tromped down by hundreds of students and so are uneven masses of snow and ice about six inches above the actual sidewalks. I think walking on these are a good time, trying to find the footholes that will work best for your route, forging new ones when your path suddenly hits a wall of snow. It reminds me of when we were little and my sister and I would play in the backyard snow. We used to pretend we were homeless (yeah, I don’t know) and we’d set up pathways and pretend they were “rooms” in our outdoor house. Then we’d pretend to cook our dinner over the metal garbage cans near the garage and sit around complaining about how the government has created insurmountable obstacles for the non- and under-employed to overcome, forcing already marginalized portions of the population to even more dire living standards. Okay, not that last part. But we would have I’m sure, if we had been more than 8 years old.