How the time does fly. Two weeks is a long time to neglect The Gurgle.

As many of you know, this semester has been swallowing me whole, and this last week was the very worst of it. Now it is thankfully over and I will begin fighting my way out of the belly of the beast, Jonah-style. Or is it Pinocchio? He was inside of a whale too, right? Maybe I’m thinking of Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother in the belly of the wolf? You all know what I mean — just imagine the end of MIB where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones explode out of the giant…bug? maybe?… and then gooey bits flying everywhere and then picture me, emerging victorious, all soppy and happily relieved and tired and gross with bits of semester entrails all over me. I’m not sure what semester entrails will look like. I’ll leave that to your fruitful imaginations.

Bits of child development articles and book display signage with little pieces of storytelling gloop hanging off the ends, maybe?