Today I went to the dentist. Nobody likes going to the dentist. Everyone knows that nobody likes going to the dentist. I suppose there are some people out there who say they don’t mind going, but even they must resent having to pay all sorts of money and take time out of their lives for dentistry. The reasons why people don’t like it are kinda universal: People don’t like pain. People don’t like others mucking about in their mouths with metal scrapey things. People don’t like powdery toothpaste. People don’t like spitting into tiny vacuums. People don’t like looking silly in a bib.

My trip today was full of dental delights, as what was supposed to be a simple filling turned into a sudden crown. TA-DA! It wasn’t so bad at first, though the appointment did run a tad long. You know it’s been a while in the chair when they allow you a bathroom break in the middle while they work on some stuff. I guess it took longer than suspected because after a few booster shots of Novocaine, I started to feel their work. And when I say feel, I mean FEEL. I am not a violent person (though a seventh-grade version of my sister might disagree) , but at one point I reflexively balled my fist and threw it toward the assistant. I didn’t hit her or anything, but it did make her notice that I had tears on my face and gave a very heartfelt “Oh Honey!” that made me feel little better. They kinda got on it then and finished up quickly and sent me on my way. And as a bonus they filled another cavity while they were in there and I didn’t even notice. Overall it wasn’t the worst trip to the dentist I’ve ever had (seriously, I’ve had some doozies) and they were pretty nice about everything, considering I almost punched someone.