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balancing act

Today is a good day for Keems because today I got my first real bike! Well, Soy gave me a bike a few months ago but it was promptly stolen (that was a bad day for Keems). My new bicycle is sort of orange/brown-ish & shiney (sorta like me!) and is vintage-y b/c it was born in the 70’s (just like me!) and is very easy to ride (no comments, please).

It kicks ass. Well, it is a British bike so it is more likely to roll up to your ass and inquire politely after the weather than kick it, but still! And the best part is that it matches my already-purchased helmet. It is as if we were meant to be.

Many thanks to everyone I know for not making fun of me when they learned that I could not ride an adult bike & specific thanks to Soy for getting me back on the (2-wheeled) horse, to SB for helping me pick out my new friend & for the photo above, and giant hoorays to my Mom-O for the gift!

Now, someone needs to get matching helmets for the squirrels.


* Go to and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
* Post three official IMDB “Plot Keywords” for these 10 picks.
* Have your friends guess the movie titles.

1. Diction Lessons/Umbrella/Hollywood
2. Monkey/Whip/Melting Face
3. Mansion/Blackmail/Candlestick
4. Leg in Cast/Photographer/Dog Killed
5. Breaking the Fourth Wall/ Italian Food/Witness Protection Program
6. Casino/Caper/Wheelchair
7. Hat/Double Cross/ Neo Noir
8. Socialite/Swimming Pool/Wedding
9. Sister/Based on Novel/Inheritance
10. Revenge/Horse Racing/Twist in the End

I tried to pick the keywords I would use if I was trying to remind someone that they saw these movies. “You know…there’s horse racing and that twist in the end…Come on! We saw it together!”Like that.

Taken from the ever-missed Sunday

Update: Answers are in the comments.

My new favorite story, taken from my Language Development textbook, as written by a typical 3 year old:

A little duck went swimming. Then the crab came. A lobster came. And a popsicle was playing by itself.

The End.

The last couple weeks have been jam-packed with not much. This isn’t to say that nothing happened, just nothing that exciting. Well, that isn’t actually true. But nothing exciting that I’d care to broadcast online.

One theme that has emerged in my life lately is one of Hurry Up and Wait. Or rather in my case, Hurry Up and Stew-and-Fester.  This entails lots of rushing rushing rushing to get to things that I don’t really want to be doing anyway, only to have to sit around and wait for the thing I don’t want to do to start. And while I wait, I stir myself up into such a neurotic frenzy that the waiting part of the ordeal really ends up being the worst part. I kid you not – last week I had a root canal that was more pleasant than the 30 to 45  minutes leading up to the procedure. Don’t even ask about the classes I had to teach to high-schoolers or the class presentations and observations and other assorted appointments.

Thank heavens I’ll be relaxing on a beach in less than a week. THAT is worth waiting for.