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It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means one thing: it is rainy. Oh, and big sales, mostly of the furniture variety. Well, it also means remembering those who sacrificed their lives, of course. And it also unofficially means the beginning of summer. Summertime, whoooooo!

Summer actually started two weeks ago for me and I already feel like I’ve embraced it like a champ. So far I’ve gotten out of town, visited friends and drank too much (all accomplished last weekend in Chicago), I’ve gotten the start of a lovely farmer tan from walking to work, I’ve grilled out with friends, eaten ice cream while sitting on a bench, and spent entire days watching TV and reading and not leaving the house once. All things considered, I’d say I’m ahead of the curve with lots to look forward to. Summer months always fly by, and it’s odd to think of all that will have happened by the time September rolls around — a few showers (baby and bridal), a couple weddings, friends moving away, car trips (maybe plane trips!), out of town visitors, and most excitingly, my first nephew. Oh yeah, and summer school.

That really is a lot of stuff to look forward to, so I am abandoning my original goal of watching 100 movies before school starts in August. Even with my superpower of being able to watch 4 movies in 4 hours I don’t think I’ll have the time. As I consider a new and worthy cinema-related goal (suggestions are welcome), enjoy this viral video counting down…well, numbers. I’ve only seen 75 of the movies featured BTW. How many can you identify?


Last night as I was looking for a little something to spice up my cooking, I glanced at a bottle of marjoram and I caught myself doing a double-take. According to the label, marjoram is the “G-rated version of oregano.”  Huh?

At first I thought it was calling me G, as in “Yo, G, marjoram will kick up your gravy”, hence the double-take.   But no, instead it was making a rather strange claim to…blandness? An odd choice for a purveyor of spices, don’t you think? And since when is oregano NOT G-rated? What rating is it — PG-13? R? XXX?! I looked at the oregano label for clues and it does say that oregano “arouses authentic flavor”.  And that oregano is species O. vulgare. That’s something. I guess.

Simon the bird is no longer with me. On Friday I decided that I really didn’t want & couldn’t handle another pet and that keeping the bird for a week or more (and inevitably falling in love with it) until the owner appeared would simply end in tears. As it turned out, handing the bird over to the avian vet on Friday afternoon also ended in tears, but those were mostly a result of the relentless insistence of the entire animal clinic that, in fact, I could keep the bird. You know, if I had a heart beating in my body or any sort of thought for small adorable animals or could function as anything other than a cold evil robot.

So I was feeling pretty sad about the birdie — who was determined to be a female and only about 1 year old — and the whole situation and then E found the owner! Long story short, Lemon got to go home to her owner and her brother Lime this morning and everyone is very relieved, me included.

This was also an opportunity to re-solidify my personal stance that even though I love working with animals and living with animals and helping animals, I don’t think I could ever foster or rescue them, as I think I have unhealthy levels of empathy for them. It isn’t that I would want to keep them all, it’s more that I imagine how scared they are and how confused they are and how they don’t understand what is happening to them and then I get all worked up about making things as okay as possible for the animal. I consider myself to be a pretty realistic and practical person, but this is the area where I kinda lose my footing. I mean, I get all upset about inanimate objects’ feelings, for pete’s sake. And don’t get me started on the emotional journey that is Weeding a Section of the Library Collection. I really need to figure out a way to get ruthless about that one, or else my collections are going to be all medical handbooks from the 1950’s and history books that end right before the Vietnam War.


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Sooooooo. Because the last day of classes was yesterday (yippee!), I didn’t have to go to my Thursday night class today. To celebrate I decided to go for a bike ride on my awesome new bike. As I was unlocking it I noticed a woman in the alley behind my building, crouching on the ground. She looked up at me and just then I noticed that she was crouching next to a tiny yellow birdie.

Sort-of-long story short, this woman was afraid of the bird and I’m a crazy animal lady, so I agreed to take the bird in while signs go up seeking the owner. Of course, I couldn’t let the lil’ guy stay in a shoebox all night, so as I sort of hemmed and hawed about what to do, Friendly Gardening Neighbor Lady walked by and said her ex-husband had a cage that I could use.

So now I have a bird in a cage in my house. Magellan is vacillating between hysterical startles and nonchalance. The bird is adorable and terrified and currently sleeping under a sheet. I am in danger of gaining a new pet, as I’ve already named him Simon.