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Sooooooo. Because the last day of classes was yesterday (yippee!), I didn’t have to go to my Thursday night class today. To celebrate I decided to go for a bike ride on my awesome new bike. As I was unlocking it I noticed a woman in the alley behind my building, crouching on the ground. She looked up at me and just then I noticed that she was crouching next to a tiny yellow birdie.

Sort-of-long story short, this woman was afraid of the bird and I’m a crazy animal lady, so I agreed to take the bird in while signs go up seeking the owner. Of course, I couldn’t let the lil’ guy stay in a shoebox all night, so as I sort of hemmed and hawed about what to do, Friendly Gardening Neighbor Lady walked by and said her ex-husband had a cage that I could use.

So now I have a bird in a cage in my house. Magellan is vacillating between hysterical startles and nonchalance. The bird is adorable and terrified and currently sleeping under a sheet. I am in danger of gaining a new pet, as I’ve already named him Simon.