Last night as I was looking for a little something to spice up my cooking, I glanced at a bottle of marjoram and I caught myself doing a double-take. According to the label, marjoram is the “G-rated version of oregano.”  Huh?

At first I thought it was calling me G, as in “Yo, G, marjoram will kick up your gravy”, hence the double-take.   But no, instead it was making a rather strange claim to…blandness? An odd choice for a purveyor of spices, don’t you think? And since when is oregano NOT G-rated? What rating is it — PG-13? R? XXX?! I looked at the oregano label for clues and it does say that oregano “arouses authentic flavor”.  And that oregano is species O. vulgare. That’s something. I guess.