It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means one thing: it is rainy. Oh, and big sales, mostly of the furniture variety. Well, it also means remembering those who sacrificed their lives, of course. And it also unofficially means the beginning of summer. Summertime, whoooooo!

Summer actually started two weeks ago for me and I already feel like I’ve embraced it like a champ. So far I’ve gotten out of town, visited friends and drank too much (all accomplished last weekend in Chicago), I’ve gotten the start of a lovely farmer tan from walking to work, I’ve grilled out with friends, eaten ice cream while sitting on a bench, and spent entire days watching TV and reading and not leaving the house once. All things considered, I’d say I’m ahead of the curve with lots to look forward to. Summer months always fly by, and it’s odd to think of all that will have happened by the time September rolls around — a few showers (baby and bridal), a couple weddings, friends moving away, car trips (maybe plane trips!), out of town visitors, and most excitingly, my first nephew. Oh yeah, and summer school.

That really is a lot of stuff to look forward to, so I am abandoning my original goal of watching 100 movies before school starts in August. Even with my superpower of being able to watch 4 movies in 4 hours I don’t think I’ll have the time. As I consider a new and worthy cinema-related goal (suggestions are welcome), enjoy this viral video counting down…well, numbers. I’ve only seen 75 of the movies featured BTW. How many can you identify?