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I don’t think anyone would be surprised to learn that I am an exclamation point!!


Your Score: Exclamation point

You scored 53% Sociability and 58% Sophistication!

  Yes, you are fine around others. Fine. But you wish you could have just a *little* more alone time. Okay, well, a lot more alone time. In fact, you’d be happier if you didn’t have to go out nearly as much. You get along very well with the period, who tries mightily to take up as much of the load as he can. But fools will not listen. You want to scream, “Cut it out, for the love of Safire!”

But, all of that notwithstanding, you do your duty. And, if sometimes you feel like a Chicago street hooker, you also remember that you really do have an important role to play. Your soul remains pure. Hold your head high!

Link: The Which Punctuation Mark Are You Test written by Gazda on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

originally from Semicolon Mark.


Tonight was a fun night at work. No really! First, a regular PhD-student patron asked me if I was a recently graduated senior. Since I haven’t been an undergraduate for almost 10 years I took this as a compliment.  I realize that he might have been trying to be funny but I’m choosing to believe that he thinks I actually look like a 22 year old.

Then I had one of those Oh My, I Really Am A Librarian conversations. It was also one of those Oh My, The Person I Am Talking To Is Not Kidding conversations. It started with an extremely perky guy bouncing up to the reference desk and just saying HI! and smiling at me.

Me: Hi. What can I do for you?

Extremely Perky Guy: OK. Pretend you are my friend.

Me: Errm…I guess….

EPG: Now, tell me something fun about the library!

Me: Well,  something about this library or something about libraries in general?

EPG: You tell me!

Me: There are lots of things I like about the library. Are you wanting to know something to do with using the library for research?

EPG: That’s what I’m doing! I’m researching!

Me: Great. What kind of information are you looking for? [thinking I can figure out some way to make article databases fun. “Looky! You can email the citations to yourself! Whee!”]

EPG: I told you. I’m trying to find something fun in the library!

Me: I see. [I do not see at all.]

EPG: My assignment is to pick something totally boring and then give a speech about it to make people interested in it. I chose the library!

Nice. And then the kid seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t say “Yeah, libraries are really boring, aren’t they?” Instead I thought a minute while he yammered a bit about the other libraries he had already visited. I knew these other places would have shown him live reference chat and Facebook catalog searching and all the other newfangled bells and whistles. Then I told him what I think really is one of the most fun things about the library: the Dewey Decimal System.

I  know, it sounds totally nerdly. But after explaining that Dewey numbers actually mean something, and that it attempts to organize ALL INFORMATION while it enables shelf browsing and how I could make a Dewey number for any topic he could dream of (he suggested eel worshiping), I think I had this guy convinced. Even better, now he is doing a speech on why the Dewey Decimal System is cool.

What on earth did I get into Library and Information Science if not for this?

This weekend I made the long journey into Iowa in order to throw my sister a rockin’ baby shower. Okay, it wasn’t that rockin’, but there were all the makings of a successful baby shower: finger foods and petit fours, monkey-, frog- and baby chick-themed onesies, old friends and (I’m not too ashamed to admit) a little bit of happy tears. I think a good time was had by all. Or at least by the mommy-to-be, who is all that matters, don’t you know.

I drove out Friday night in order to squeeze in as much time as possible with my sister and her husband, aka Mr. and Mrs. G-pants, who are two of my most favorite people on the planet. As we were sitting around the dining room table, undoubtedly having a Very Insightful Conversation, we all sort of simultaneously noticed that there was a very frightened, very flappy, very adorable bat flying around in the house. Let me tell you, things went from zero to frantic awfully fast. My favorite parts were the bat’s increasingly frenzied — and ALARMINGLY silent — laps around their house, my seven-month pregnant sister repeatedly apologizing for not chasing the bat down bare-handed in between her (and my) shrieks every time the bat dive-bombed our heads, and Mr. G-pants tearing off his shirt and yelling “Calm down!” just before throwing himself flat on the floor when the bat suddenly reappeared in the TV room.  He very bravely chased the bat out of the house through an open window a few minutes later and everyone, bat included, resumed our peaceful evening.

On another topic, though not entirely unrelated to the title of this post, I think that watching Robin Williams on Inside the Actors Studio sounds like the worst possible way to spend the evening.

Good lord. Like I need more reasons to be afraid of bugs. Or deep sea creatures. Or butterflies, for pete’s sake.

“dear diary: WORST ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE EVER? seriously, diary.”

From my very favorite talking dino-centric place: Dinosaur Comics

The other night I was up past my bedtime — partly due to an evil looking multi-legged bug on the ceiling of my bedroom and partly due to a multi-episode block of Ninja Warrior on my DVR — when my phone rang.  Since it was late, I answered even though the Caller ID said Unknown Caller and I was delighted to hear it was my best friend calling from Shanghai!  She was home from work in the middle of the day because she has pink eye. Pink eye as an adult is weird, I think. It’s like getting chicken pox or having their tonsils taken out after age 15. We talked a bit about how my eye also freaked out on me a few days ago (it is fairly graphic and I will spare you details here) and has been bothering me since and how allergies are sucky and then we moved on to more exciting topics.

The next morning at work I was tired from only 5 hours of sleep but happy because I got to talk to my Tiffaroni, then a friend came in wearing glasses and complaining of eye troubles. After hearing that her doctor said it sounded like pink eye over the phone, I decided that maybe I should have my eye looked at too. Off I trotted to the doc after my shift and guess what.

I have pink eye.

I’ve never had it before and the dr. said it was not the gooey contagious kind (so all of you that I went shopping/movieing/eating/drinking with this week can rest easy), which means I didn’t catch it from anyone, making it even more bizarre. All of these spontaneous pink eyes are cropping up everywhere. Perhaps it’s aliens.  Run for the hills or you’ll be up to your armpits in Martians…

(that one was for you, Coyote and Tones)