Happy 4th to all! I hope that wherever you are you are enjoying the day with good food and relaxing times. I wasn’t in town last summer for the holiday so all the patriotism here is a nice surprise. Last night a neighboring town held their fireworks and I sat outside with a handful of stranger-neighbors and watched what we could over the trees. And in just the last 10 minutes I passed a pick-up truck with a person-sized Statue of Liberty tied to the front bumper, as well as what I think was a turf war over prime parade viewing spots near campus, complete with wild gesticulating. Ah, summer. I am skipping the parade in favor of a nap, but plan to enjoy a lovely barbecue and hopefully up-close  fireworks later in the day.  I really relish these kinds of holidays because for about 10 years I had jobs that required me to work on the 4th.  So enjoy the day, whatever your plans!

ALSO, special birthday wishes to my darling sister! Firecracker, firecracker, boom boom boom!