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About a week ago, my sister did something amazing. Those of you with math skills and good memories already probably know, but those who do not may cheat here.  I wasn’t there for the delivery or anything horrifying like that, but I did get to go see the new and improved  G-pants Family (now with 50% more Pants!) very soon afterwards. Everyone was still a bit dazed and blinky for the next couple days, as expected, but it was nice and laid back — for me, not for them I’m sure — and a very fine way to welcome a new family member. I don’t even know how to articulate how much I love my sister, and to see her so brave and collected and mentally and physically strong was just almost more than my tiny heart could bear.


Now I find myself wistfully thinking “I want that!” which is dangerous turf,  my friends. Dangerous indeed. For one thing, no one likes Baby Fever. It really doesn’t wear well.  It isn’t attractive OR polite to blather about babies when there isn’t one anywhere in the vicinity. (It isn’t nice to go on and on about babies when they are in the vicinity either, but that is more of a personal preference than an etiquette breach). More importantly I don’t really even want a baby. I don’t even really LIKE babies that much. And frankly I couldn’t be further away from having a baby at the moment. Hell, since we are being frank, I couldn’t be further away from having a hot date at the moment. So babies aren’t really on the agenda just yet. After some thought I realized that what I’m coveting isn’t really the baby, it’s the family unit. The display of partnership and teamwork and respect and support I witnessed at the hospital wasn’t surprising, but it was displayed in a way I’d not seen from them before and it really moved me. I’m crazy proud of Mrs. and Mr. G-pants and wish them the best, but I think I’ll always hold them responsible for being good role models and setting an example by which I’d like to live. Totally unforgivable.


Here we go again: summer is over and school is about to begin. The campus is awash with cars and people and signage and plastic storage crates and orange bags full of dorm gear. It sort of makes me feel nostalgic for my own undergrad days. But then I see these kids walking around with maps and confused looks (I was late for my first meeting with my guidance counselor the first week of school because I got so lost. I cried. And I never saw her again.) and I remember the terror and general lack of clue the 17 year old me had and I lose that nostaligia pretty fast.  Now I just feel kind of old.

Also making me feel old: being in my pajamas at 8:30pm.

I think all undergrads should be forced to watch this entrancing video from Haunted Love during orientation.  Maybe high schoolers too. And pretty much everyone at the public library. It would improve library manners immensely and also would remind everyone that librarians are not to be trifled with. They are silent but deadly (in the good, ninja-y way, not that other way) and know just what to do with the body.

Also, I’m majorly coveting those shoes. And that skirt.

Originally seen on the delightful Voice of Reason 

According to the weather robots, it is 96 degrees with the Heat Index today. Stupid August, all hot and sweltery. So, instead of going to the yard sale I planned on, I went to the air conditioned library. I got lots of goodies, including the audio-book of Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass on recommendation from Sunday. So far I’ve listened to about 20 minutes and I like it about 40 times more than the book. I guess I need someone to tell me fantasy stories instead of reading them because I enjoy fantasy movies (and evidently audio books) so much more than books. Reading them feels like too much work. Anyway, I’m getting back on the His Dark Materials wagon in preparation for the upcoming movie version (hop on board, you know you want to!) and it starts with this. Please take a gander at my awesome daemon, Callum, and let me know if you think he should remain a lion by answering a few questions about me, your darling Keem.

Check it out here. Currently Callum (read:Keem)  is modest, responsible, a leader, inquisitive and sociable. But what do you think?

Even though the next semester is looming large in only a few weeks, there are lots of things to be excited and happy about right now, not the least of which is that no less than three (count ’em three) members of my friend-family are starting exciting new career-furthering jobs in the next month. Hooray and congrats to all of them.

Other things I’m pretty jazzed about right now:

The understated, sneakily moving, music-filled delight that is this movie. I want the soundtrack immediately. Running constantly, please.

According to this, Sunny is coming to DVD! Hooray.

Finally finally the food scientists have listened to my silent pleas. I need to get my hands on this as soon as possible.

Also, meerkats.