According to the weather robots, it is 96 degrees with the Heat Index today. Stupid August, all hot and sweltery. So, instead of going to the yard sale I planned on, I went to the air conditioned library. I got lots of goodies, including the audio-book of Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass on recommendation from Sunday. So far I’ve listened to about 20 minutes and I like it about 40 times more than the book. I guess I need someone to tell me fantasy stories instead of reading them because I enjoy fantasy movies (and evidently audio books) so much more than books. Reading them feels like too much work. Anyway, I’m getting back on the His Dark Materials wagon in preparation for the upcoming movie version (hop on board, you know you want to!) and it starts with this. Please take a gander at my awesome daemon, Callum, and let me know if you think he should remain a lion by answering a few questions about me, your darling Keem.

Check it out here. Currently Callum (read:Keem)  is modest, responsible, a leader, inquisitive and sociable. But what do you think?