Most of the time I  truly enjoy living alone. There are times that I really hate it though. Like when there are giant bugs or spiders that need to be addressed, for example. Or when there is heavy lifting to do. Or when I can’t figure out what to wear.  And of course when Magellan barfs all over the place. Obviously.

However, the worst is when it is almost 2am and I have to be awake in a few hours, but I’m feeling slightly ill from the unfortunate combination of having a migraine, the side effects of the migraine meds that don’t really help but that I take in an effort to feel proactive, and the giant pile of unwashed dishes in the sink (abandoned there due to the migraine) that smelled like delicious dinner 6 hours ago, but now just smells like a horrid mix of cat food and onions and fish and asparagus all mixed together.   Add on top of that the very poor decision to watch 2 zombie movies in the last 3 days and an overactive imagination and you have an Up-All-Night Keem, which will soon turn into a Very-Short-Fused-and-Needlessly-Snappish Keem, which is sure to be a delight for everyone I encounter tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow will get canceled and I can just sleep all day (once the sun comes up to protect me from the zombies, of course) and then we can just skip on over to Wednesday. Also maybe elves will come do those dishes for me.  It could happen…