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Today Little Red Car learned a valuable lesson about how rough the real world can be. I’ve tried to shield her as best as I could from the harsh realities, but I suppose I always knew this day had to come eventually.

After spending this rainy afternoon at the mall I trotted out to find this lovely picture waiting for me. Sigh.

After calming down a bit — thanks to Mr. G-pants fielding a tearful phone call and the super helpful and patient fellow-shoppers Erin & Kasia — I managed to get the police to come fill out a report in less than the projected hour despite the Rah Rah Football Game taking place on the other side of town. The officer that responded even turned the game down a bit on the radio while we talked – impressive. Oh, Big Ten towns. And then once we cleaned up the major glass enough that I could drive home, Little Red Car and I shared a jaunty, soppy ride home.

Mostly now I’m just really annoyed that I have to deal with the the fallout of someone else’s dumb choice. I realize that people are burgled all the time and that is an unfortunate part of living around, you know, others. But I’m annoyed that the jerkfaces did this on a rainy day. I’m bothered that they chose my dinky car out of the hundreds in the lot. I’m also annoyed that they did it on a Saturday, so that I’ll have to wait a couple days to get it into a garage. I’m annoyed that they smashed out the whole window instead of just a smallish part or jimmying door open. I’m annoyed that they took the CD that was in the player – mostly because it was the final CD in the The Subtle Knife audio book and a library loan to boot.

However, I am grateful that they only stole the stereo and not the whole car. I’m also slightly impressed that they thoughtfully removed the OTHER CD’s I had in the little compartment of the stereo and set them nicely on the seat instead of stealing them or smashing them. I’m grateful that I have insurance and a network of friends who are willing to help me. I’m lucky that I even have a car to be broken into and that the damage is relatively minor.

But I do think it is a little funny that I lived in Chicago for 6 years and never had a single thing happen, then I move the “safety” of small-town Midwest and my car gets roughed up twice in 6 months. Tough times in the corn belt. I blame the cows. They are just the shady sort to do this. Stupid cows.