I’m totally burned out. Because I am a giant nerd and was a complete waste of space at work, I decided to seek validation via Google and learned that burn out has actual symptoms. Most are vague enough that pretty much anyone who is slightly bored or unhappy could probably see themselves in them but I did find an alarming comparison  chart  to help you determine  if you are  stressed out or burned out  (I feel like these prolly get fewer hits than all those “Do you have a cold or the flu?” sites).  I know these can be very serious issues for people,  but this page is SO ridiculously dramatic,  indicating that while stress may kill you, burnout might just make your life seem like it isn’t worth living.  How is this helpful? They must be trying to giggle the burnout out of of the reader. If so, this bit should do the trick: “If excessive stress is like drowning in responsibilities, burnout is being all dried up. ” Ok drama queen.