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I’m now on day seven of the Throat of the 1000 Glass Shards so lately my experiences are severely limited to Internet fun and movies on TV. Right now I’m watching When Harry Met Sally… and am dismayed to discover that I am now the same age that they are for the final 3/4ths of the movie. I remember thinking how OLD they seemed, how grown up and established and professional with outfits and nice winter gloves and such. And now…I totally and horrifyingly relate.  It makes me wonder what other “grown-ups” from TV and movies I’m older than or the same age as now… I’m older than Mary in the Mary Tyler Moore Show already. Older than Tom Hanks in Big? Older than Archie Bunker?? (ok, prolly not that last one. Yet.)

Oh well. One of the doctors I saw this week thought I was 24. So there. And WHMS is still one of my favorite movies.


I’m still pretty sick, though I’ve finally kicked the fevers. I lost most of the week sleeping and sweating and cringing with pain every time I swallowed, so the holiday sort of snuck up on me. Anyway, Happy Independence Day!

And of course, a very happy birthday to Mrs. G-pants as well. Here is a Muppetacular video for you:

I’m super sick and hating life a teensy bit right now. I had to go to a new doctor this morning to get some tonsil-saving medicine (Z-PAK! to the rescue!) and the only appointment available was at her office located right off of Michigan Ave. Right by Water Tower Place. On a gorgeous summer day. The week of the Taste and two days before July 4th. I can’t tell you how close about 157 smiley, non-traffic-light-following, self-absorbed,  super-annoying tourists came to being mowed down by a feverish and frustrated Keem.

Luckily, Neatorama pointed me to this Flickr set of extra duckies that turned my frown upside down. They aren’t all winners but there’s something about the way the duck keeps looking at me and seems to be posing and grinning in each one that keeps cracking me up.