So I’ve tried to post eleventy times in the last few months but I’ve had some struggles, mainly because every time I try to write something, I feel like I have to give paragraphs of back-story to make it make sense.  So in the interest of making things easier in the future, here are some general updates to help me clear my head:

  • Life right now is lived in the city in a (very) small condo with my may-an and the jerkcat. The place is nice, the neighborhood is safe, but we’re ready to move on. We can’t due to the housing market so that’s a bummer. Patience.
  • Work is at a city elementary school doing things that I don’t really enjoy but that is decidedly better than what I COULD be doing. So I try to not cry about it too much.
  • Love is going swimmingly, as we’re getting married this July. (woot!) Planning it takes up more time that I wish it would, but it is very exciting and fun. I can’t wait. More patience.
  • Health is on the upswing. I had some rough weeks of feeling pretty awful. I feel better now. I’m also trying to get into a real workout routine and I’m attempting the 30 Day Shred, inspired by E.

There. That should help.