I am on Day 19 of the 30 Day Shred and…

I have no results to share.

I actually weigh more now than when I started – 3 pounds more.  Yeah, yeah, muscle weighs more than fat, which is why I measured myself in order to do a before and after. And my measurements are either not at all different or GREATER than before. For example, my arm was 12 inches when I started. It is 12.5 inches now. They are muscley inches though and I’m definitely stronger than when I started.

Before anyone says anything about food, I’m eating pretty much exactly what I ate before, but smaller portions.

It’s frustrating to see no physical results but I’ll keep going because doing something is better than nothing I suppose. I’m looking forward to running outside again once the weather stops being dreary.

And I’m trying to remember that I’m not really trying to lose a ton of weight or inches…I’d be happy to lose 5 pounds (well, 8 NOW), delighted to lose 10 & be back to my 25 year old weight. I’m fine with the size I am right now, though I’d be ok being a size smaller mostly for vanity’s sake. But bottom line, I do want to look better, and part of that is  having less squishy bits. So I will continue to shred, even if it means I weigh more and take up more space so long as it means I look better…does that make sense?

Stay tuned.