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It’s hard to believe that it was only/already one year ago that I first met baby OLE. Well, that isn’t completely true — I actually met him a month earlier but he wasn’t quite ready to be held or have adoring fans quite yet. He was pretty cute at first to be sure, but now he is head-explodingly more so. It makes my ovaries ache. Not enough to have my own baby just yet, but it makes me kinda want to hide all of my friends’ birth control so I can have an never ending supply of tiny, nappish, pot roast-shaped people around whenever I need one.


While walking home from a baseball game last night, a group of us spontaneously, soberly and (mostly) non-ironically burst into two full verses of “This Land is My Land”.

You see, it’s the little things that let you know you are hanging out with the right crowd.

Apologies for the extended hiatus – I am currently in the final stretch of a 10 day beach vacation with 18 of my relatives. Depending on who you are and what your family is like (or what you know about my family) you are either rolling your eyes in disgust at my awesome fortune or cringing in sympathetic agony. Actually, my family is a pretty cool group of people –  generally speaking they are intelligent, witty, friendly game-players who like to eat chocolate and stay up too late. Therefore, despite the crammed quarters and not ever being alone ever ever for 6 days straight – horrid for a loner such as I  – I’m feeling fairly relaxed.

Sadly, I lost about half of my vacation to a throat and ear infection, for which I’m still on antibiotics. I had to go to a disturbing local doctor to get them and I’m still sort of flabbergasted by what happened there (more on that later – can you even stand the wait?!).  But right now I’m just sleepy and warm, listening to the waves of the Gulf crash outside my window, satisfied with my belly full of shrimps, and looking forward to one last morning in the sun before returning to the drudgery and snow of home.

It seems impossible that I’m in the final days of my school career. I have another semester of learning before I get my degree, but for practical purposes my classwork will be finished tomorrow. This week is already filled with Lasts – last GA meeting, last class, last exam, last night shift…I’m feeling nervous but ready for the next little bit. I think. It depends on the day.

Next semester is going to be tough, but leaving the great people I know here is going to be even tougher. Why can’t everyone I love just follow me around like katamari?

One of the crappy things about having a birthday around a holiday is that usually your actual day is either boring and non-eventful or filled with obligations that are not birthday-related. Because Thanksgiving is a movable feast of sorts I’ve had it both ways, and let me say, neither makes you feel very special.

However, one of the BEST things about having your birthday around the holiday is that instead of everyone remembering your day all at once and making a big stink and having a Princess for the Day kind of experience, you get to have a lot of separate celebrations sprinkled whenever people can get together. This simply rocks, as it makes the birthday extend for days and weeks. This has been my experience my entire life, and lemme just say that if you have the means, I’d recommend arranging it so for yourself.

This year was no different. I was lucky to get to spend this birthday doing and seeing and eating and drinking, laughing and talking and remembering and planning for about 10 days…I got some great loot (thanks to all!) and most importantly, I got a reminder that I’m pretty darned lucky — lucky enough to have a lot of really amazing people in this world think its a cool thing I was born. That’s pretty nice, huh?

Ahhh, home again home again, jiggity-jog. Once the plane FINALLY took off, my trip was just about as fun and delightful as possible. Lots of great food, laughter, singing, games, and basically enjoying people I love very much.  Truly what Thanksgiving is all about, right?