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I am on Day 19 of the 30 Day Shred and…

I have no results to share.

I actually weigh more now than when I started – 3 pounds more.  Yeah, yeah, muscle weighs more than fat, which is why I measured myself in order to do a before and after. And my measurements are either not at all different or GREATER than before. For example, my arm was 12 inches when I started. It is 12.5 inches now. They are muscley inches though and I’m definitely stronger than when I started.

Before anyone says anything about food, I’m eating pretty much exactly what I ate before, but smaller portions.

It’s frustrating to see no physical results but I’ll keep going because doing something is better than nothing I suppose. I’m looking forward to running outside again once the weather stops being dreary.

And I’m trying to remember that I’m not really trying to lose a ton of weight or inches…I’d be happy to lose 5 pounds (well, 8 NOW), delighted to lose 10 & be back to my 25 year old weight. I’m fine with the size I am right now, though I’d be ok being a size smaller mostly for vanity’s sake. But bottom line, I do want to look better, and part of that is  having less squishy bits. So I will continue to shred, even if it means I weigh more and take up more space so long as it means I look better…does that make sense?

Stay tuned.


So I’ve tried to post eleventy times in the last few months but I’ve had some struggles, mainly because every time I try to write something, I feel like I have to give paragraphs of back-story to make it make sense.  So in the interest of making things easier in the future, here are some general updates to help me clear my head:

  • Life right now is lived in the city in a (very) small condo with my may-an and the jerkcat. The place is nice, the neighborhood is safe, but we’re ready to move on. We can’t due to the housing market so that’s a bummer. Patience.
  • Work is at a city elementary school doing things that I don’t really enjoy but that is decidedly better than what I COULD be doing. So I try to not cry about it too much.
  • Love is going swimmingly, as we’re getting married this July. (woot!) Planning it takes up more time that I wish it would, but it is very exciting and fun. I can’t wait. More patience.
  • Health is on the upswing. I had some rough weeks of feeling pretty awful. I feel better now. I’m also trying to get into a real workout routine and I’m attempting the 30 Day Shred, inspired by E.

There. That should help.

Um, hi? Is anyone there?

I haven’t really thought much about this blog for a year or two. But then lately I’ve been thinking back to why I sought out a place to put thoughts to public writing in the first place, lo those 5 years ago.  Situations have changed a lot since then and the reasons behind it are different, but again I am feeling like I might need an outlet for some of the gurgles in my brain.

So…maybe you’ve just had this mutely sitting in your reader for years and just today thought “what the…really, a new post?”. Or maybe in 6 months someone will look back for an anecdote and realize I’m blogging again.  Whichever is the case, let me know if you’re reading and I’ll do my best to keep the gurgles coming once more.

and so

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It’s hard to believe that it was only/already one year ago that I first met baby OLE. Well, that isn’t completely true — I actually met him a month earlier but he wasn’t quite ready to be held or have adoring fans quite yet. He was pretty cute at first to be sure, but now he is head-explodingly more so. It makes my ovaries ache. Not enough to have my own baby just yet, but it makes me kinda want to hide all of my friends’ birth control so I can have an never ending supply of tiny, nappish, pot roast-shaped people around whenever I need one.

…has your leetle Keem gone? Oh where oh where could she be?

I’m back, after a 2 month hiatus during which I healthied up, relaxed/made the best of unemployment, fell in love, and started my new job. I’ve been asked by more than one Loyal Reader when I was going to start writing again. I think that being home (and therefore online) all the time for most of the summer made me feel like I had nothing to post on the Gurgle, since every time I had a delicious thought or something to share I had any number of hardworking online friends to chat with immediately. But now that I’ve been on the job for a month, I’m starting to feel the disconnect again. That, coupled with the resurgence of blogging from friends, has inspired me to make a better effort here.

Stay tuned.

I haven’t written anything in a while and that really is a shame, as there have been many post-worthy things happening – birthdays and weddings (well, one super-awesome wedding that had multiple ceremonies) and adventures and illnesses and other delights. Ah well, can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube as they say, so we shall just forge ahead and hope that the Gurgle doesn’t get clogged up again.

Today I saw two guys teaching each other how to ride their unicycles in the park. I think it is nice when people find each other, don’t you?


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Sooooooo. Because the last day of classes was yesterday (yippee!), I didn’t have to go to my Thursday night class today. To celebrate I decided to go for a bike ride on my awesome new bike. As I was unlocking it I noticed a woman in the alley behind my building, crouching on the ground. She looked up at me and just then I noticed that she was crouching next to a tiny yellow birdie.

Sort-of-long story short, this woman was afraid of the bird and I’m a crazy animal lady, so I agreed to take the bird in while signs go up seeking the owner. Of course, I couldn’t let the lil’ guy stay in a shoebox all night, so as I sort of hemmed and hawed about what to do, Friendly Gardening Neighbor Lady walked by and said her ex-husband had a cage that I could use.

So now I have a bird in a cage in my house. Magellan is vacillating between hysterical startles and nonchalance. The bird is adorable and terrified and currently sleeping under a sheet. I am in danger of gaining a new pet, as I’ve already named him Simon.

Here starts the holidays, full of driving and visiting and eating and talking. Rock on.